Robert Stebleton is currently based in Florida. Love of nature is evident in his paintings. Whether it's the liquid movement of a school of koi, an intent expression on the face of the artist's cat or alligators sunning themselves on a cool Florida winter day, Robert's attention to detail is masterful.

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Robert Stebleton Giclee Artist

Robert Stebleton studied illustration at Ferris State College in Michigan, where he fell in love with acrylic painting. He then was hired as the Artist-In-Residence at the Main Maritime Museum for 19 years. 


Robert's body of work depicts both Midwestern and East Coast scenes, from Michigan to Maine all the way down to Florida. He investigates time, nature, and location, adapting his palate to new atmospheres. He handles acrylic painting with a light touch that beautifully illustrates subject, light, and color. From antique jars to large rusting boats, a collection of shells to seascapes, Stebleton’s fascination with coastal splendor remains constant throughout his work.

Robert has been a part of many exhibitions, has had books and writings published about his work, and is represented in galleries up and down the East coast.





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