• Peter Carolin - Landscape Painter

    Peter Carolin is a Michigan native who received his MFA at the University of Florida in 1988, where he fell in love painting landscapes. He has taught at Santa Fe College and travels often teaching in many areas in Florida and abound.

  • Southern Living Magazine - October 2016

    Sea Spirits Gallery and our sister art gallery Lost Art Gallery located next door was picked to Shop for Local Treasures!

  • Tony Krysinsky

    Tony Krysinsky is currently based in Florida, spending time traveling with his family for art festivals. His paintings are hand carved on routed wood and painted with acrylic. He enjoys illustrating marine life, coastal scenes, and mermaids.

  • Trish Beckham - Painter

    Beckham takes her craft to new levels in her palette knife paintings, using oil paints to push the boundaries of reality. Her spontaneous gestures render scenes that celebrate the energy of nature. Keeping each composition painterly is essential within her woks.